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Siobhan Hyde

The seven bullets represent the seven leaders of the Easter Rising.

Thomas J Clarke

Sean MacDiarmada

Thomas Mac Donagh

P.H. Pearse

Eamonn Ceannt

James Connolly

Joseph Plunkett


In 1914 Home Rule was granted to Ireland but was postponed due to the Great War. The IRB and Irish Volunteers staged a rebellion on Easter Monday (24th April 1916).

Irish forces mainly used German weapons and ammunition including the 1871 Mauser rifles, many of which were part of the arsenal brought to Howth by Erskine Childers in 1913. British forces used the Lee Enfield .303 rifle.

The seven were tried under martial law during time of war and executed.

Public opinion was originally against the Rising but their execution brought about a change in attitude leading eventually to the War of Independence and ultimately to the foundation of the Irish Free State in 1921.

'VII',  Screenprint

Siobhan Hyde lives and works in Dublin as a printmaker and educator. She specialises in screen print, etching and woodblock and is an active member of the Graphic Studio Dublin. Her work features in the collections of the Office of Public Works, the Bank of Ireland and the National Gallery of Ireland.