Launch Of Project in Little Museum on Sat 16th January

The project was sucessfully launched by Lucina Russell, Arts Officer, Co Kildare. Thank you Lucina. Refreshments were served and the canapés were demolished. Lovely food by "Red ChardFood". Thanks to all the unpaid helpers, (friends and relations!!): Carthac de Brí, Jill Burke, Cliona de Brí, Joanna Peart, Carla Surlis, Michael Peart, Eoghan Cleary, Paula Golden, Charia Cleary, Darragh Geraghty, Róisín Ní Dhubhshláine.

People queued on the steps outside the Little Museum from shortly after 5 o'clock as the doors of the premises had to be closed because of the crowds! One could say a great success!! Unfortunately no-one really gets to see the work properly. Many have promised to return during the week and some already have. There were several sales and the book sold very well.

#A1916commemorativevisualarts #littlestorieslittleprints #leinsterprintmakingstudio

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