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Ruby Staunton


Marsh’s Library, situated between St Patrick’s Cathedral and Jacobs Biscuit Factory, became an unwitting participant in the violence that occurred during the 1916 rising. Established three hundred years ago, the Library is one of the few buildings in Dublin to retain its original purpose. On the Easter Sunday of the Rising the building was sprayed with bullets, being literally in the line of fire. The Biscuit Factory had been requisitioned by the rebels and British troops stationed in St Patrick’s Park across the road from the library fired on the building, damaging doors and windows, penetrating the books lined upon the shelves inside. Many of the books were shredded internally as a result of bullet entry and exit, rendering them unreadable.

This print is a representation of the idea of how we can imagine the damage a bullet can inflict on human flesh and how during the Rising many people suffered the same fate, albeit with more formidable results!!

(Story source: Keeper and staff of Marsh’s Library)

'Of what is past, or passing, or yet to come', Drypoint

Ruby Staunton is an artist living and working in Dublin. She graduated from IADT and has recently completed a masters, A.C.W. at NCAD. Her practice is one of conjecture, testing and questioning boundaries within performance, sculpture and print revealing and creating agency for the cultural and philosophical references that they provoke. She is a founding member of the collaborative A.R.C.P. and messedupobject. She has performed in the Glass Box, Belfast and Gracelands.