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Paul Roy

Porter, Eugene (Owen). Staff Officer, General Headquarters, Irish Volunteers.

Born in 1897 died on the 25th of January 1962,  Eugene was aged about 19 years old during the Rising. He fought in the areas of Bath Avenue Bridge, Railway Line between Westland Row and Lansdowne Road, Boland’s Bakery/Boland’s Mills and Grand Canal Street.

Prior to the Easter Rising, Eugene Porter had served as a Battalion Signal Instructor and after his release from prison he assisted in the reorganisation of the Irish Volunteers in County Wicklow. He was a delegate to the Irish Volunteer convention in 1917 as well as a

Battalion Officer Commanding. He served with the Defence Forces as a Private in 3 Field Company, Supply and Transport Corps in the 1940s during the Emergency (Second World War).

The print is an image of a young mans pensive and measured in preparation for a momentous occasion.

Eugene Porter is the grandfather of my wife, Sandra Porter-Roy.

'Eugene Prepares for the Big Day", Etching