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Melissa Cherry


Allsorts’ was the winner of the 1916 Grand National.

The Grand National was held at Fairyhouse racecourse in Co.Meath.

Richard Cleary trained ‘Allsorts’. He was owned by Mr. James Kiernan.

When news of the Rising got to the race track all roads where blocked, trains and buses were cancelled.

It took some people over a week to get home. Like Mr Joseph Devins, a shopkeeper from Co. Clare. When he walked in the door of his house, his wife thinking he was dead, took fright at his arrival.

As for the winning racehorse ‘Allsorts’, he had to walk home after the race without any celebrations.

There are no photographs of the horse at Fairyhouse so maybe someone might have a photograph of this forgotten animal.


'Allsorts', Etching