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Constance Short

'Cailíní na hÉireann', Lino-Cut

As is emerging in recent years many women were involved in the Easter Rising of 1916. I was amused to read that they had to cook, tend to the wounded as well as act as soldiers and messengers between the Irish garrisons. They wore nurse’s uniforms so they could move freely through the city. They carried messages and ammunition under their skirts.

Woman multi-tasking is not just a modern day phenomenon!!

Women had to “Juggle” then, as they do now.

Only women officers were allowed use guns and they tended to come from the upper classes. The “regular” women volunteers, were referred to often as cailíni, instead of mná.

My piece is a tribute to them.

An Honorary member of The Graphic Studio Dublin and guest member of Leinster Printmaking studio. Solo exhibitions in Project Arts Centre Dublin, Galway Arts Centre, Linenhall Library Belfast, SoHo 20, New York, The Poetry Society London etc.  Stood for Labour unsuccessfully in 1990 local elections and spent 15 years in the High Court in Dublin trying to close Sellafield down (Short and others v BNFL). A feminist and a socialist.