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Bríd Ní Rinn

Working horses in the town or city, trained to stand still and wait, use the time to drop the head, relax one hind leg and have a nap. But not this one. The cart had been commandeered by the insurgents to make a street barricade.

 It is strange for the horse to be left unattended like this, still in

harness but without the dray. He can hear gunfire in other streets, a very scary sound that he has never heard before. He shifts uneasily on his feet, flicks his tail and raises his head and tries to see as much as his winkers will allow him.

I do not know what happened to this horse who had been driven up from Co. Kildare that day. But  sadly we know that the  driver was caught and killed in crossfire later in the evening. He had insisted in trying to retrieve his cart in spite of shouted warnings from both sides.

It would seem that he understood warfare as little as did his horse. 

'Capall ag Éisteacht', Drypoint

Bríd Ní Rinn, Na Dúiníní, Corrachoill, Co. Chill Dara.  

After  a five year art course specialising in sculpture in the old National (late 'Royal')  College of Art, Kildare Street, Dublin, Bríd spent a year in Florence learning the basics of stone-carving. Her main work throughout the years has been commissioned work for Catholic Churches throughout Ireland, with a little public sculpture thrown in for good measure. She also paints in watercolours  and recently enjoys attempts at printmaking.