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Brian Fitzgerald

Rebellion, Screenprint

 My print explores the idea of the print as a form of communication, the role print has played in history and the strategic importance of the General Post Office played in the Easter Rising, through the use of typography, layering and colour.

Print has taken a strong political role over the course of history as a way of

mass communication and by disseminating ideas to a wide population. TV

and the internet have largely taken over this role in recent history but the

visual element still remains core.

In the Rising of Easter 1916 the GPO became the central headquarters of the rebel forces. A question I have always had was why not make their way to Dublin Castle to set up headquarters and declare Ireland a Republic from the place of British governance?

Strategically, the GPO was hugely significant at the time as it was the

centre of communication not only in the country, but with the world outside of Ireland, Germany in particular. The idea was that, if the rebellion was successful, to internationally declare Ireland an independent state that was engaged in battle and become a front line theatre in World War 1. The belief was that allegiance between the rebels and German forces would help swing fighting on the front lines of Europe in favour of the Germans after which the Irish fighting with British Units would down arms in support of their countrymen and women back home thus giving German forces the upper hand in battle.