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Andrew Kilty

'The Girl that kept everything under her Hat', Drypoint

The girl that kept everything under her hat! Literally! 

That is where she kept the detonators for the Volunteers and the 

messages for delivery around the countryside, sometimes dressed as a boy. You could say that she was the first lady assassin in Ireland, maybe the first female assassin in this part of Europe. 

She was fearless when it came to battle, as she fought in Dublin in the Easter Rising. She was the only woman to have come away with an injury She was also a teacher.

Margaret Skinnider was one of the key women, if not the only female sniper, in the 1916 Easter Rising as a member of the then IRB. She was born in Glasgow on 28th May 1892 of Irish parents. She was a member of a ladies rifle club there set up to defend the British Empire. Ironically that backfired on Britain. She got mentioned for bravery and was the only woman to get injured in the 1916 Easter Rising. She was a member of IRB and also a longtime member of Cumann na mBan. 

To this day not a lot is known about the roll of women’s in the fight for  Irish freedom.