Little Stories

Little Prints

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Almost fifty Printmakers from eight Printmaking studios around Ireland accepted an invitation to participate in the project, which aims to create awareness of little known events or incidents during or around the time of the Easter Rising in 1916. Through a variety of organised events the artists were encouraged to research incidents and aspects of life at the time of the Rising and to create little prints in response to their research. The result is an eclectic mix of interpretations of both the brief and of the artists’ research. There is sure to be plenty of discussion and argument about some of these interpretations.

To facilitate and stimulate research for the artists several talks and visits were arranged and recorded: a talk by Kildare historian-in-residence James Durney, a talk by historian Gerry O'Neill, a visit to and a talk in the National Library of Ireland, a guided tour of the 1916 Room in Collins Barricks several walks around prominent sites of activity in Dublin.

Sincere thanks to all the artists who rose to the challenge and presented such a great variety of stories and prints. A total of 60 prints were produced.

The project was supported by Dublin City Public Libraries.

Beginning with an exhibition in the Little Museum of Dublin, St Stephen’s Green, the project toured libraries in Kildare and Dublin City as well as venues around the country throughout 2016.

The exhibition was accompanied in most venues by a workshop for adults and/or children. 

A limited edition exhibition publication is available for purchase on request.